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We live in a digital world that has dramatically changed the method in which we do things.   It has become natural to many of us, and yet there are occasions when we have opportune to really appreciate the convenience of modern technology.  I had this experience recently when shopping with my fiancé for wedding rings.  We set of on our quest to find the perfect 18k gold wedding rings with a sense of excitement and anticipation.  The thrill of the event was quickly squelched when we came to the realization that this experience was going to be more like buying a car.  Persistent sales people, the inability to leave, and a lot of pressure.  Headaches were forming, and it felt a weight had fallen upon our shoulders.  It wasn’t until the 3rd store that the light bulb went off in my head!  Why don’t we look online?  Back at home, the thrill and excitement returned in its fullest!  We were in an environment where we could freely talk about what we liked, and we were able to search multiple stores until we found exactly the style we were looking for.  By researching online we learned that palladium wedding rings look just as great, but will never require us to re-rhodium plate like gold.  I am grateful for modern day conveniences that allow me to shop for even the most important things from the comfort of my own home, even saving money along the way!

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