Christmas Party Planning 101

The holiday season is the perfect time to don your hostess hat, gather your friends and throw together a festive party they won’t forget. Here are some handy tips that will ensure both you and your guests to have a great time:

Get as much done as possible ahead of time so you won’t be frantic the day of the party. If you’re hosting the party at home, plan to decorate your house both inside and out with festive decorations, lights and a holiday tree. The holiday season is a busy time of year for most people, so make sure to send out invitations either through e-mail, mail or phone well in advance. Go through the list of guests you are thinking of inviting and choose a mixture of friends that are both single and married to balance your party out.

Decide on whether you would like a sit down formal party, or if a buffet style gathering would be more suitable. Select a menu that will not only be easy to serve, but won’t cause you lots of last minute preparations. If you have limited seating, a great idea is to place appetizers and desserts on a buffet table so guests can mingle and walk around while eating. Choose food items that won’t have you busy in the kitchen instead of visiting with your guests.

Set up a separate area as a cocktail station where guests can serve their own beverages. A cost cutting idea is to mix up pitchers of sangria, margaritas or martini’s, so you don’t have to get out everything in your liquor cabinet. Make sure to have non-alcoholic choices like soda, ice tea or lemonade on hand also for guests. Another item you will want to make sure to not run out of is ice.

Try to get everyone active and involved by either playing games or singing holiday songs. Put together holiday trivia, Bingo or charades and have small prizes on hand for the winners. Select several holiday songs and hand out song sheets for guests to sing along to get in the holiday spirit.

Don’t forget to have a good time at your own party. Clean up can wait until after your guests leave, so make sure to mingle and chat with your guests. Be on hand and ready to greet them when they walk through the door and say goodbye when they are ready to leave.

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