Tired of Blogging?

I dont know whats in me but lately, I am tired of writing, no fresh juice is coming out but still online and little of blogging here and there.

Do you also feel that sometimes? Its like this is no longer a passion but a work and a responsibility. Or probably just need a good massage to get back into track. I still have a few online task and hope to finish before it expires. Stress go away!

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3 responses to “Tired of Blogging?”

  1. genny says:

    I hear you sis…same feeling maskin gamay ra akong blogs mahutdan ko ug isulat. balik2 nalng. added and followed..cheers!

  2. Gene says:

    You are not alone with that problem. These days I only blog for memes but no new content coming out of my head. There are times that I would skip blogging for a week. I think it’s time we take a vacation from the blogging world and be inspired with real life.

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