Saturday 9: I’m Not in Love

This is my first time here at Saturday 9 and I am kind of excited.

1. Have you ever been in love but tried to deny it?

2. Someone throws a party in your honor. The only guests are your past lovers. You’re current spouse or significant other is cool with this. They ask you to speak and say something good about those assembled. Would there be someone there you could not say something good about?
=> No, I am cool with all my Ex.

3. How long can you go without your cell phone? Do you own a so-called “smart phone”?
=> I cant stand without a cellphone. I am not a texter myself but I do own a smart phone thus all my important emails and everything is in my phone.

4. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
=> Yes I do!

5. Would you rather spend a whole day with your mom or your dad? (If either or both have passed, answer as if they’re alive.)
=> Both but unfortunately my dad passed away 11 years ago.

6. Tell us one thing about your first boyfriend or girlfriend.
=> My childhood sweetheart, my classmate, my neighbor, the boy next door – we thought it was just a so called puppy love but it lasted for years. But if its not meant to be, it will never be!

7. Has an ex ever written something about you on facebook or their blog that was nasty about you?
=> Never, as I said we remain friends. Cool!

8. What was the last thing you borrowed and never returned?
=> A loan from the company counts?! Didnt returned but painfully paying for it lol

9. Who is someone famous that you’ve met?
=> I cant think of any! I have to think real hard here.

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One response to “Saturday 9: I’m Not in Love”

  1. preha diay ta ug 1st bf Tin, silingan ra pero ako kay nag migrate man, gibiyaan ko hahaha. oo oi, adopted ko sa ako iyaan ra pod na super bait. irresponsible ako both parents Tin. Walay balak mag pa eskwela ug anak, maayo na lang ako auty (manghud sa ako mama) gikuha na lang ko. Sa Sucat, Paranaque ko mi dako ug natigulang…5 years pa lang ko diri sa Davao.

    Salamat sa dalaw..


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