Money Magnet

I saw an ad before of John Calub and I wanted to attend his seminar, but to time and financial constraints, my plan didnt materialize. The price of his seminar is just too expensive for me not to mention that I find it hard to file a leave of absence.

A friend of mine visited me last Saturday and she attended one of Calub’s seminar at SMX. She truly loved the seminar and she said that there is really a secret in getting rich. She mentioned so many things that made me think. Oh yes, I should attend. She is now handling such seminar so instead of attending John Calub’s seminar, I will attend her Money Magnet seminar.

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One response to “Money Magnet”

  1. cesar says:

    i did attend the first leg of his seminar “how to become a money magnet” funny thing, I had more money flying to me even at the middle of the seminar.there is really a secret.. :)

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